Costly: Water Intrusion can be costly and permanently damage personal belongings and building materials.


Danger: Water intrusion can also create indoor air quality problems.  Mold and bacteria can grow quickly on wet building materials and when mold spores are reproducing they can pose serious health risks.  If you see mold in your home do not disturb the area. Millions of mold spores can be disbursed into the air when disturbed.

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Basement Aid TM is a leading basement waterproofing contractor with over a decade of experience in keeping basements dry and assuring good indoor air quality. Our services are well designed to protect your home from water problems and protect your family from mold and bacteria contaminates which can be created by the water intrusion.

We provide the following services:

Basement Waterproofing

Mold Testing & Remediation Services

Foundation Repairs

Basement Refinishing

Crawl Space Waterproofing

Moisture Mapping with Thermal Imaging


Basement Flood Repair


Water Problem Solutions: We work with homeowners and builders to assure dry homes. We offer practical interior and exterior foundation protection solutions. 


Phone: 877.932.7177


Serving: VA, MD & DC


Protect:  Protect your investment from costly water problems.


Rebuild:  Let our technicians know if you would like to have a rebuild estimate for your basement. We have a skilled contractor division  to refinish your basement


Save Money the non-intrusive way, by utilizing our Moisture Mapping Services to pinpoint where the water is entering your home or building



Our professionals are equipped with thermal imaging cameras which can detect where the moisture is entering your home or building. We can map moisture problems even behind your walls to save you money

Text Box: Thermal Imaging shows moisture in this block wall behind the drywall

Basement Waterproofing Solutions Provided in VA, MD and DC

Mold Testing and Remediation Services Provided in VA, MD and DC

All Services Provided  By Acquired Home Services Inc.

Text Box: Mold Testing/ Removal

Also call for water damage clean-up


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