Thermal Imaging Inspection

IR-Fusion™ technology. IR-Fusion captures a visible light image in addition to the infrared image and takes the mystery out of IR image analysis. It helps to better identify and report moisture intrusion areas and enable the repair to be done right the first time. Our inspectors can locate where the moisture is entering the home and even see behind drywall, under floor tiles without removing building materials.

Estimate / Scope of Work


Many companies provide free estimates or “sales pitches” to homeowners with basement trouble.  Basement Aid takes a different approach by actually providing an inspection service and producing a certified inspection report and scope of work for the client.  There are many factors which should be considered prior to a basement repair. 

Where is the water coming from?
How is the water entering the home?
Is there mold or bacteria contamination?
Are there foundation cracks?
Is there a structural problem?
Are there currently failing foundation systems in place?
Is there a radon problem?

Most of the time a free inspection or free estimate cannot answer all of these questions. 

What your basement scope of work / estimate should include:

· Full Home or Building Water Intrusion Inspection

· Moisture Reading

· Relative Humidity Reading

· Thermal Imaging

· Interior Air Samples

· Swab Samples

· Radon Testing

· Certified scope of work and report


Once the inspection is complete a certified scope of work can be written and will detail where and how the moisture is entering  your home or building as well as determine if there is mold present or other indoor air quality issues which need to be addressed before, during or after the waterproofing project. 


For Mold Problems see


Protimeter Inspection

· Identify the presence of moisture on, behind and below surfaces like ceramic tiles, drywall etc..

· Measure the relative humidity, dew point and temperature

· Confirm the presence - or otherwise - of condensation on surfaces.

· Store results for download to PC

Free Estimates are available however we recommend a full home analysis prior to all moisture control and / or waterproofing projects .

Moisture Measurement System

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