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Indoor Air Quality Services

Certified Mold Testing
Mold Inspection
Mold Remediation
Mold Removal "Certified Scope of Work Reports"
Mold Consulting
Moisture Mapping
Air Sampling
Swab Tape-Lift and Bulk Sampling
Moisture and Relative Humidity Inspections
Thermal Imaging Inspections
Home Analysis
Building Analysis
Sick Home Inspection and Consulting
Indoor Air Quality Inspection and Consulting Services
Particle Counting: "Taking A New Look At Indoor Air Quality
Air Purification
VOC Testing

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Water Intrusion Solutions

Interior and Exterior Drainage Systems

French Drains

Creative Yard Drainage Systems

New Sump Pumps

Back Up Sump Pump Systems

Crack Repair - Injection and Topical

Auxiliary Power Sources

Driveway Drains

Window Wells and Drains

Sheet Membranes

Drain/Protection Board

Mold Prevention

Structural Repairs

Retaining Walls

Erosion Control

Down Spout Drainage Systems


Wall Repair and Replacement

Commercial Sealants Horizontal and Vertical

Interior and exterior repair

Foundation excavation

Injection and topical foundation repair

Structural repairs using epoxy resins

Repairs for shrinkage and settling cracks

Through wall penetration repairs

Our service professionals will customize the most effective and practical water problem solutions for your home.